Syrian Rhapsody .. an epic music performance


Dubai, SANA- Inspired by amity and peace to the whole world, 100 Syrian musicians and singers started to perform the epic music performance “the Syrian Rhapsody.”

The work is composed by musician Iyad Rimawi and led by maestro Missak Baghboudarian on the Expo 2020 Dubai platform as a part of the cultural program organized by the Syrian pavilion in coordination with the Syrian Trust for Development.

Audience of Expo 2020 Dubai, from different parts of the world, lived with this visual music show, a tour into the history of Syrian music as the work starts with new art vision that present the oldest music record known in the world, which is Nical hymn, which was discovered on clayey board.

Later, the work moved into the age of Syriac hymns which are considered the oldest forms of collective ecclesiastical singing, then to the Sofi chants.


“We came here having a heritage, unique with its diversity, as our culture identity which came out of 10 thousand years of giving has flourished” Culture Minister, Lubana Mshaweh said, adding that it is a culture doesn’t die, rather, it remains majestic and fresh.

She said that Syria embraces the oldest manuscript discovered till now and that it founded the oldest alphabet and the first sheet music.

“That affirms sons of this homeland inherited the creativity from the fathers and they proved their excellence inside Syria and across the world through facing the war and terrorism that refuses any civilized mean of expression,” the Minister added.