set of agreements organized by the Syrian pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai


United Arab Emirates, Dubai – December 13, 2021: In the presence of the Commissioner-General of the Syrian Pavilion, Dr. Ghassan Abbas, and a several of members of the pavilion, commercial coordination officials from Al-Rafidain Company for Industry and Trade signed an export agreement with the International Company for Agricultural Production Requirements of the Republic of Iraq in the Syrian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. And al-nokhbah Company for Agricultural Production Supplies of the Republic of Yemen, which aims to build bridges of cooperation and explore the economic opportunities offered by Expo 2020 Dubai to help the recovery and growth of the Syrian economy. This agreement deals with ensuring the supply of the agricultural sector by ensuring the supply of fertilizers, including phosphoric acid and NPK, at the required quality and quantity, at competitive prices. And the required quantities and at competitive prices, as this agreement constitutes an achievement for a national production management, logistics and marketing control, as well as multi-sectoral cooperation in the service of farmers.

In this regard, Manaf Arnous, Coordinator of the Commercial Department, said, “Our Convention is an important step towards implementing our strategy in developing joint business, exchanging experience, valuing resources and networks in order to improve their competitiveness in production and marketing, taking into account the complementarity of activities between the two parties, we will work in cooperation with our partners to create additional value by unifying capabilities and benefiting from the areas of integration between operational processes, supply chains, marketing and trade.

 In parallel, the Syrian pavilion, especially the commercial sector, is particularly important in its participation in Expo. It will be an opportunity to engage in discussions with officials from the world’s countries. It will also be an opportunity to offer a recovered Syrian product, for which it has been able to reserve a place in Expo Dubai and meet investors, Syrian economic actors and businessmen.

It should be noted that these agreements are part of a series of agreements organized by the Syrian pavilion in Expo 2020 with a view to presenting business, activities and participation, and to discussing opportunities in Syria and the competitive advantage of these products and industries in terms of quality, cost and pricing, Topics that will make the Syrian participation in the Expo very special and important.