His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Martini, Minister of Tourism of Syria, visits the Syrian pavilion of Expo 2020 He meets the invitation to visit the Emirates, China and Algeria Pavilions, accompanied by the Commissioner-General, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Ghassan Abbas


United Arab Emirates, Dubai: December 04, 2021: The Syrian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai welcomed His Excellency the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Mohammed Rami Radwan Martini, and the Director of Protocols and Ceremonies at the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Mustafa Khazal, in the presence of the Commissioner-General of the Syrian Pavilion, His Excellency Dr. Ghassan Abbas, and a number of members of the Syrian pavilion.

His Excellency the Minister, Director of Protocols and Ceremonies, toured the various sections of the pavilion and checked the exhibits and the contents of the pavilion, from the first alphabet to the listening room, and the oldest musical notations in history, and the wooden panels collected from 1500 Syrian artists, in addition to the Anna Al-Suri Gallery and the Trade Partners Section, which hosts a group of Syrian companies, and they were briefed on the economic and commercial opportunities offered by these companies. The delegation expressed great admiration for the collective art exhibition hosted by the pavilion under the title “Anna Al-Suri”, where every painting presented represents a face from Syria, and the idea of ​​the exhibition is based on the fact that every Syrian person is part of The collective awareness that we are all the same and connected and that together we will build a brighter future for Syria and the world.

Minister Mr. Mohammed emphasized the depth of the historical ties that unite the two fraternal countries, which were consolidated under their wise leadership, pointing out that the historical ties between Syria and the Emirates, which are based on sincere fraternity and mutual affection, which brought together the leaders of the two fraternal countries and peoples have been tangibly strengthened through the strengthening and development of bilateral relations. Through fruitful cooperation and effective solidarity to establish joint projects in the two countries.

 His Excellency the Minister and His Excellency the Ambassador also accepted the invitation to visit the Emirates, Algeria and China pavilions to learn more about these pavilions and their role in Expo 2020 Dubai and what they present during the World Exhibition. and His Excellency saw the components of the pavilion, which were designed to tell the story of the Emirates. “Home of Dream and Achievement” offers a comprehensive view of Emirates culture with diverse content including heritage shows that enable the visitor to identify closely Emirates folklore, features of the Emirates environment and inspirational characters who have contributed to shaping the Emirates success story.

Mr. Mohammed expressed his admiration for each pavilion and its achievements, starting with the Emirates pavilion, saying: “The Emirates Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is a civilized edifice with a modern design, designed in the form of a falcon spreading its wings on the prospects of leadership, loftiness and values ​​of openness and communication. It is indeed an iconic design with an inspiring message that tells the story of creativity and universality and the vision of its leaders to create a peaceful and progressive society with ambitious plans for the future and is a front for the United Arab Emirates’ rich culture and bright future. “


As for the Algerian pavilion, any visitor who will enter the pavilion will pass through a small hallway surrounded by an arched roof to a vast courtyard called “the center of the house”, on which the sun’s descending rays add a
beautiful luster and a great desire to wander. At the entrance to the pavilion, you will find the depth of human history and the cultural momentum that is transmitted in the womb of Algeria. In this regard, Mr. Mohamed said: “When you visit the Algerian pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, it is as if you go back to the beautiful time. It is a gateway to culture, history and development in Algeria. and is a witness to all the tales of history, preserving Algeria’s heritage and privacy., through an Expo that talks about the history of its residents, highlights the most important points of its civil life, the ancient physiognomics of roads and squares, shops and markets.

In addition, after visiting the Chinese Pavilion, Mr. Mohammed said: “After our visit to the Chinese Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, indeed, it is Building a Society with a Common Future for Humanity Innovation and Opportunity, which closely follows a theme as it ideally combines innovation, opportunity, communication, cooperation, development, sustainability, and other global trends, and it not only highlights the great development opportunities but also explains China’s proposal to accelerate common global development to reach a community of a common future for all mankind.