Visit by his beatitude patriarch john x yazgi with the accompanying delegation to the Syrian pavilion in expo 2020.


United Arab Emirates, Dubai: November 25, 2021: His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Ghassan Abbas, Commissioner-General of the Syrian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, welcomed Patriarch John X (Yazji) and a high-level delegation accompanying him on a visit to the Syrian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai in the presence of the Director-General For the Syrian pavilion, engineer Khaled Al-Shama’a and a number of Syrian businessmen.

The Patriarch and his accompanying delegation roamed the various sections of the pavilion, where the exhibits and the contents of the pavilion were checked from the first alphabet into the listening room. The oldest musical notation in history, wooden panels collected from 1,500 Syrian artists, as well as the Anna al-Suri gallery and the business partners section hosting a group of Syrian companies. “Anna al-Suri,” where every painting displayed represents a face from Syria. The idea of the exhibition is based on the fact that every Syrian person is part of the awareness the collective belief that we are all the same and interconnected and that together we will build a brighter future for Syria and the world.

In this regard, Patriarch John X (Yazji) said, “I cannot express how much I admire and deeply influence what we saw in the Syrian pavilion at the Great International exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai. This in itself is a challenge to death, to corruption, to terrorism and to all the negative elements, especially in the ancient historical exhibits that we have seen, demonstrating that culture, science, peace, fraternity, tolerance and ancient civilization  has emerged from these blessed lands, so I offer my warmest congratulations to all the crew who are in charge of the Syrian pavilion of Expo Dubai, which makes us as Syrians proud and proud of our country we say we are still here, steadfast and always and the truth is the one Win.