Beautiful moments we lived TOGETHER at the Syrian National Day


Press report – to participate with SANA and the Syrian Arab Media Foundation

Within the celebrations of the Syrian National Day at Expo 2020 Dubai, the management of the Syrian Pavilion organized a program of artistic events on November 14, 2021 – which reflect the diversity of Syrian culture and the creativity of the Syrian human being who has not ceased to contribute and give to human civilization from the earliest times to the present day.

The events included musical performances and various dances, including the fusion  Band, which gave a musical performance inspired by Sufi poetry and Syrian heritage, and the Syrian band Nizar umran, which accompanied the Flag Walk with a performance of Syrian national and folklore songs with wind instruments and rhythm. The Gilnar Dancing Band also performed for Expo visitors.                            One of the most important stations of the day was the charming visual display on the dome of Al-wasl, which tells the story of Syria in a visually abstract manner marked by the melodies of “The Nikal Hymn,” the oldest music chronicle in the world.

On this day, visitors to the Syrian pavilion were able to watch a craft show and taste the traditional demesne ice cream. It should be noted that this craft dates back hundreds of years and is one of the oldest methods of making ice cream in the world. This is in addition to vivid performances of the art of Arabic calligraphy. Visitors to the Pavilion obtained a postcard designed by the Syrian Pavilion.

Young Syrian calligrapher Amer Al – Issa wrote the words of visitor’s choice on this card as a reminder of the day.

Visitors to Expo on the evening of a date with the authentic music and artist Muhammad Khairy at a Al – Khodud Al – Halibiyah party to commemorate the late Great Sabah Al – Fakhri. The ceremony was a great success and a great presence of the original Tarab tasters.